98 Percent Of Brides Regret Not Having A Wedding Video After Their Wedding

A lot of people especially brides would think not getting a wedding planner is the biggest regret they would have after their wedding day. Nope, that’s the second biggest. Like most brides, you will look forward to my wedding for many reasons. You could be thinking, you are marrying a man better than you ever […]

How We Deliver Your Wedding Film

The traditional way of delivering wedding images to clients was through DVD and print. The videographer would edit their video, design a cover and deliver this to the client… still a brilliant way to deliver today! DVDs and Albums, however, are commonly seen as an extra these days, an extra to the digital videos that are generally […]

Hiring A Professional Wedding Cinematographer Over An Amateur

Whether you are hiring a DJ, a photographer, florist, event planner, or videographer for your wedding or event- a true professional will save you headaches and heartache in the end.  I don’t know how many events I’ve attended where the client saved thousands of rands by hiring a family friend or ‘budget’ company to DJ- […]

Wedding Videography Styles For Your Special Day

While each videographer puts their own artistic touch on their work, there are a few styles by which most videographers can be categorised. Here’s the look at the most common styles to look for when choosing a wedding video. Cinematic Cinematic is the most popular style of videographer you will find in your search. These […]

5 Reasons You Need a Cinematographer For Your Wedding

Gone are the days of low quality, awful backing tracks and we are now in the days of properly composed shots, strong narrative-based audio and stunning storytelling techniques. Many wedding videography companies are producing beautiful, creative and cinematic wedding films for couples, many of which that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. […]